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Sunday, January 31, 2021

It's February....2021....

So....2021 is fully in the swing. And, it's now February (well, it will be tomorrow). There are at least three vaccines - maybe as many as five that we might be able to get. That's IF they have enough...IF we float to the top of the list...IF...IF...IF...IF... Still drinking too much, but since I'm really posting this on January 31, tomorrow's a new day... and a new goal. Let's talk about the state of the state/country...I had high hopes for Kate Brown, but how could she be so dense? Do you really want to figure out stuff? There's no shame in asking our neighbors to the North (Washington State), can we piggy-back on your stuff? Contract tracing - WA state got it right over a month ago. How do we do vaccine distribution? (Oh, here's a hint NOT A 27 MEMBER TEAM THAT HAS TO COME UP WITH A WORD OF THE DAY BEFORE THEY START THEIR F---ING WORK!) And,then there's the Dems in Washington, DC...KILL THE FILLIBUSTER! Take the bet - run the gamble. Kill the fillibuster (and, yes, when the Repubs are back in charge, they will exploit it to the full extent!) but, in the meantime, pass the Covid relief package you want and make that the bullet point Dems can run on in 2022 - and you just might get a solid House and Senate majority! Is it a risk? YEP - it is, but it's one at this point I'm willing to take! FUCK THE RIGHT-WING, REPUBLICAN NATIONALISTIC COWARDS!

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