Well, after long thought (OK, 17 seconds) I've decided the Hinkelgruber family menu should be brought to the web. A couple of things for you to remember: no substitutions (Charlie's not a short-order cook, after all), and change is inevitable - Charlie may not feel like cooking kim chee on a Tuesday! Oh, and there is one request: if you're joining us for dinner, please either call or text the Scary Lady (you know the number - if you don't, you're really not invited).

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A strawberry is a beautiful thing....

And a Hood strawberry is the best of the best! My eyes were bigger than my stomach Thursday when I went to the berry stand. Truly intended to buy one flat - came home with two. Sooo...we made strawberry ice cream today (the boys next door helped us make it and eat it!), strawberries to top my pancakes tomorrow morning and strawberry shortcake for dessert tomorrow. And, no, there will not be any strawberry jam.

We cleaned the basement today! We used to get a dumpster every year and do a cleaning. This is the first time in about five years that we've done it. And, it wasn't as bad as I had originally thought it would be. The basement is still a basement (you'll never mistake our basement for additional living space), but there's no longer a fear that anyone will injure themselves downstairs.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

June 21 may be the first day of summer, but Memorial Day Weekend really starts it off....

I love this three day weekend. For the most part, I've never been particularly fond of three day weekends, except for this one - oh, and Labor Day weekend. I find these bookends somehow very satisfying - a beginning and an ending.

Mr. Hinkelgruber cleaned off the grill (grilling season is officially ON!) and we finished planting the final annuals in planter pots. I nearly made it to 30-days of sobriety - we had a boil water alert Friday that simply provided me with evidence of a higher power: He/She wanted me to drink wine! So, I (we) did!

A beautiful week coming our way, I'm sure.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A perfect weekend!

Three weekdays at the beach and a gorgeous weekend - what could be better?

Mr. Hinkelgruber and I planted our annual crops: petunias (yes, Mr. Hinkelgruber did them all!), impatiens (I did all those!), and tomatoes (a joint effort!). I also planted ten peony bulbs/tubers/rhizomes - whatever they are - because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peonies! I can hardly wait for spring and summer to progress.

This next week is supposed to be a lovely one - and this is why we live here!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Did I really say 30-days of sobriety?!?

Mr. Hinkelgruber and I had such a good time in Lost Wages last month, I thought I should try 30-days of sobriety. It's both harder and easier than I thought! The hard part? I missed a mint julep for Derby Day, a Margarita for Cinco de Mayo, and champagne for Mother's Day. Well, those have all passed (or are passing) and now I only have another 16-days to go! The easier? It makes my weekly Wednesday lunch cheaper (two glasses of wine really does add up!) and I seem to be sleeping better.

For over a month now, I've been meaning to bake a Lemon Buttermilk Pie with Saffron. Even went to the expense of buying saffron! (Don't ask me what saffron tastes like - I assume like saffron!) Well, for Mother's Day, I finally have it in the oven baking. It was relatively easy, and very pretty as it bakes. I'll let you know how it tastes.

Oh! And, I got one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever! A family portrait done by the younger Hinkelgruber son. What a talent!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 1st and spring arrived...

...with a vengeance, I might add! What a beautiful beginning to May we had. Our concrete work is done, done, done! And it looks marvelous, if I do say so myself (and I do!). 

Mr. Hinkelgruber and I spent a terrific week in Lost Wages. We first stayed at the Red Rocks Resort so he could take photos at the Red Rocks National Scenic area, and he got some beautiful shots. You should ask to see them! Then, to our home away from home in Sin City, Paris Las Vegas! I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing when the cocktail waitresses at your favorite bar remember you and what you drink, but I choose good. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. 

Coming back to the real world was hard, but welcome - one can only have so much fun. Routines have begun again, and it's time to think about spring plantings. A few weeks ago we attended Mr. Hinkelgruber's father's 80th birthday party, and he had some truly black petunias. We're thinking of going with a black and white theme to this year's front bed. The only question is whether we can find them here.