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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

All hail Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

I'm here in my pajamas, drinking sparkling wine/prosecco and reveling in the fact that Joe Biden is the new US President! We did survive (barely, and only some of us) that other guy (like Stephen Colbert, I refuse to use his name). It was a beautiful inauguration - Lady Gaga was phenomenal, Jennifer Lopez made me cry (really, ask Charlie!), and I've become a poetry convert by Amanda Gorman (when is she going to publish a book?!?). I have hope again...But let me assure you...here is something everyone should remember - this is not safe. Do you want to keep credibility at the forefront? Ask questions! Here's the first one for you: "Many people say..." Here's what to say in response, "Name three..." If they can't name three you believe are credible, take a side long glance. Now, to segue...I have said to Charlie many times since the election was called, Barack Obama's election was historic. I will never discount that. But, Joe Biden's election was important. Important because these assholes who could not accept a Black man as President of the United States (oh, boohoo, you're white and now have to prove yourself!) now have a white man who accepts that his "legacy" is not threatened! Kamala Harris is our Vice President (both a woman and a woman of color - oh, boohoo!) As I watch CBS News' coverage of the the inauguration, they are talking about how this administration plans to help the country, they invoke the fact that the Repubs are talking about the National Debt. I say, "Are you giving money to OUR citizens? Or are you financing the military industrial complex (thank you Dwight D. Eisenhower(R))? Because if this money is going to help OUR citizens, give them cash! There's an easy way to get it back from those who really don't need/deserve it - make them pay it back on their tax return! Not a difficult calculus! Everyone seems to think it's really more difficult than it really is. Finally, good on you Joe! Good on you Kamala! I'm with you - ask me to do something - I'll do it!

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