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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Got a little abrupt last time...

So, last post was posted a little abruptly ....

We got our "stimulus" checks today - so at least April and May will likely be OK. Anyway....

Joe Biden will be our nominee - thank god - we'll be campaigning strongly for him and against the damn orange stain. My liver really will not survive another four years of that 13-year old (yep, I know I'm repeating myself - again).

I have about 75 face masks to complete once I get some elastic - it's scheduled to arrive in the next five days - then I have to decide if I'll make more. I'm letting Sarah decide that...I have Halloween fabric, Christmas fabric and muslin left. I'll make as many as she wants.

So, what do I want to do as soon as the quarantine lifts? I want to go get a beer...and have someone hand it to me.(Belmont Station - I'm coming!) ...I want to go out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (3-Doors Down - please don't fold!?!)...I want to get my hair cut (Erin - I'm coming back) and I want to get my facial hair taken care of (Shubha - I want a threading and, let's go all out, and to get a facial).  So, bottom line is, I want first world comforts back. Truthfully, I just want the mundane to return. I want to ride a bicycle and not worry if I fall off and need to go to an urgent care, I can. I want to go on a walk without worrying if I should cross the street or make sure I'm wearing a mask. I just want the everyday to come back.

More later - I have to get more gin! (Yep, still drinking too much!)

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