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Sunday, March 30, 2014

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Take one part excavation, two parts particle board, and three parts record rainfall and what do you get? Mud holes, swamps and the opportunity to surf in your own front yard! Yep, Mr. Hinkelgruber arrived home from work Friday to have the opportunity to use our temporary front sidewalk. Unbeknownst to him, the plank was floating and suddenly became a surfboard! We didn't even know he could surf!?! It was all in good (albeit, not clean) fun.

The concrete guy says he's going to pour on Tuesday, so a week from now, we should at least have some new concrete sidewalks and maybe even two new retaining walls. I only hope the back wall is constructed in time that the sloughing at the alley stops before our yard ends up in the alley.

I think I hear my oven calling - I think this April fool will be baking this week!

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