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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

So...month two?!?

So, it's May...and we're still distancing - sort of. I've ventured out to walk in the park (Laurelhurst) and I've set a goal for myself to walk every day for 30-minutes each day (let's face it, 30-minutes is not that many - but it's more than none!). The sort of I'm referring to is many people are venturing out and not recognizing this thing is not over - I still go out with a mask in hand (don't always wear it - it's tough to do in the park, but in stores I ALWAYS wear one).

I'm still sewing masks - I have about 25 more to sew - this will bring the total to about 100 - people call me and ask, "Do you have masks I can buy?" Nope, you can't buy them, but I will happily give masks to people as long as I have fabric and elastic.

Oh, it's Cinco de Mayo - and we had a terrifically fun evening with Molly - margaritas on the deck (yeah, I drank too many), chips, salsa, guac, tacos. What a fun time! Oh, and for the record - the weather was 70 degrees, whispy clouds but beautiful.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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