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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ninety degrees and a visitor...

Ninety degrees!  It finally happened...ninety degrees!  Mid-August and the heat of summer finally arrived.

College boy and his buddy head for Las Vegas to celebrate their 22nd birthdays.  The puppy will miss the smoking walks she's been getting.

We had the most interesting visit today - the woman from whom I received the keys to our house when we first bought it came by with her son.  She was born and raised in the house in the '30s.  It was fun to see her face when I told her that she had given me the house keys and she realized that I was the same person from 27-or-so years ago.  We gave her a tour of the house so she could see the kitchen.  And, she marveled the bathroom was still the same.  (Me, too!)  I think she was pleased.

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