Well, after long thought (OK, 17 seconds) I've decided the Hinkelgruber family menu should be brought to the web. A couple of things for you to remember: no substitutions (Charlie's not a short-order cook, after all), and change is inevitable - Charlie may not feel like cooking kim chee on a Tuesday! Oh, and there is one request: if you're joining us for dinner, please either call or text the Scary Lady (you know the number - if you don't, you're really not invited).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegas, Spring and Everything's Good!

Have I told you how much I love spring?  No, really, really love spring...

Mr. & Mrs. Hinkelgruber had a wonderful time in Las Vegas - plenty of alcohol, really good food and enough gambling to remember why we don't consider it a job but a really, really decent form of entertainment! We came back to Portland to a couple of days of the seemingly never-ending January only to be pleasantly surprised by the most lovely spring day in a long time!

This week's menu seems to be a particularly centered on Italian cuisine and, you're not hearing me complain!

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