Well, after long thought (OK, 17 seconds) I've decided the Hinkelgruber family menu should be brought to the web. A couple of things for you to remember: no substitutions (Charlie's not a short-order cook, after all), and change is inevitable - Charlie may not feel like cooking kim chee on a Tuesday! Oh, and there is one request: if you're joining us for dinner, please either call or text the Scary Lady (you know the number - if you don't, you're really not invited).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What the....???

Before you all say it, know that I too wondered, "What exactly is Mr. Hinkelgruber putting on the menu now?!?"  Yes, you read correctly, "Grape Picker's Skillet."  I had to look it up in the latest cooking magazine we received to make sure I was reading it correctly!  Let me assure you - it has no grapes, but does include bacon, potatoes and gruyere cheese - given those items, who cares what they call it! (Apparently, it's a dish adapted from the Burgundy region of France and a favorite among the wine grape pickers!  Who knew?!?)

Sunday's dinner will also feature a dessert tray of miniature cheesecakes (I'm experimenting for an upcoming dinner to which we've been invited), so forewarned is forearmed.

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