Well, after long thought (OK, 17 seconds) I've decided the Hinkelgruber family menu should be brought to the web. A couple of things for you to remember: no substitutions (Charlie's not a short-order cook, after all), and change is inevitable - Charlie may not feel like cooking kim chee on a Tuesday! Oh, and there is one request: if you're joining us for dinner, please either call or text the Scary Lady (you know the number - if you don't, you're really not invited).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update to the menu!

It turns out that Mrs. Hinkelgruber turned another year older this week, and to celebrate, her eldest son is taking her to breakfast on Sunday. So, to those of you accustomed to joining the Hinkelgrubers for pancakes on Sunday...you'll have to join us on Saturday!  Yes, I know, it's the day of the annual "Carve a Pumpkin for Mayhem Makers" party, but that's in the afternoon.  Pancakes are in the morning - let's say 8:00 am - just as if it were a Sunday.

As for breakfast Sunday, well you'll have to check with (as my old client Mr. Jedwab would call him) "The Crown Prince."

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